What To Toss: Tips On Cleaning Out Your Garage

Cleaning Your Garage

Having garage space is a blessing and a curse. Sure, it’s convenient to have the extra storage space, but it can quickly become crowded and a pain to clean up or clear out. Here are some tips on what to toss when cleaning your garage.

You’ll Be Glad You Did

When selling your home, your garage needs to be cleaned up and organized to where buyers can picture their car, or whatever they want in the space. Once it’s time to move, you’ll be thankful for the organizing you did before, because now packing up your garage will be a breeze!

Make Some Space

Sure, before you were selling your home or even thought about moving, your garage was the perfect spot for all of your sporting equipment, exercise machines, and just all of your “stuff.” Is your garage currently a wreck? You’re not alone. According to realtor.com, 25 % of people can’t event fit one car in their garage.

From Cluttered To Coordinated

 Here are some things to toss when cleaning your garage that will take the space from cluttered to coordinated!
  • Old Product Boxes and Packaging
    • Do you really need every box to all of your kitchen gadgets? What about all of your beauty products? For gadgets and tools that you can easily pack up, toss those clunky space-stealing boxes!
  • Unused Furniture
    • You may have a recliner or couch that is no longer being used in your home. Instead of just tossing this furniture, consider donating! If your piece of furniture is in good enough condition, many organizations will come pick up your couch for free! If it is in bad condition, your city trash will normally pick it up for free as well!
  • Electronics
    • Remember what you used before smartphones? Odds are, you’ve still held on to them. It’s important to get rid of these unwanted pieces of equipment, but don’t just toss them! Read more on how to recycle old electronics.
  • Newspapers/Magazines
    • Not only are these fire hazards, but also they are heavy wastes of space. Have an article or something you want to save? Cut it out and save it properly in a file box or binder!
  • Old Home Improvement Tools
    • Do you have old paint rollers or old paint cans? How about crusty brushes that you’ll never use again? Go ahead and toss them!
If you use these tips, you’ll be on your way to a cleaner, less cluttered garage. The next step would be to ORGANIZE! All you need is some bins, shelving, and labels! Who knows, maybe your car will even fit in your garage now! Now that you know what to toss, you’re ready to show! For more staging tips and helpful hints, give me a call today!

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