Sellers love ShowingTime because it’s simple to stay informed and easy to confirm appointments. Sellers can be notified of showings automatically, see feedback from potential buyers and view all activity on their home during the sales process!

Seller Benefits:

  1. Text Message & Email Notifications
  2. Homeowner’s Listing Activity Website
  3. Showing Feedback Updates

Message & Email Notifications Don’t have time to make or take a phone call? That’s OK! Electronic notifications are perfect for the busy homeowner. Easily confirm, decline or reschedule showings by text message or email. Don’t need to confirm appointments but want to be notified of any and all showings? That’s OK too! Sellers can be notified of just confirmed or cancelled showing appointments by text message and/or email.

Homeowner’s Listing Activity Website

Every email notification includes a “Quick Link” that takes sellers directly to their personalized “Listing Activity Website”. Here sellers can see all activity documented for their home such as showings, feedback and more! No need to remember a username and password, simply click the “Quick Link” provided within the email notification and you’re in!

Showing Feedback Updates

Wondering what buyers and Showing Agents thought about your home? Not anymore! When your agent receives new feedback remarks from a recent showing, that feedback can also be sent to you via email. This helps give homeowners complete insight on all showings! Sellers enjoy working with the ShowingTime Appointment Center because it makes it easy for their home to be shown! Learn more about who ShowingTime is along with a few tips to ensure you and your home are prepared for showings.


Who is the ShowingTime Appointment Center? The ShowingTime Appointment Center is a showing management and feedback service which provides your agent and other agents in the area with a single place to contact to make appointment requests for your home. Highly trained professional and knowledgeable staff are available daily to schedule showings for your home from 8:00am to 11:00pm EST. You also are welcome to call ShowingTime at any time during those hours. Unless it is an urgent showing, ShowingTime will only contact owners/occupants between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00pm. The Appointment Center is open 7 days a week and on all major holidays (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) so agents won’t have any trouble scheduling a time to bring buyers to see your home. As a seller, what do I need to do? Your agent and the ShowingTime Appointment Center will take care of bringing buyers to your home … all you need to do is prepare your home for showings. Will I be notified when a showing is scheduled? Yes, you can receive emails, phone calls and/or text messages if you’d like. Appointments fall into three categories:

  • Go & Show — for listings where no appointment is required and the showing request can be immediately confirmed upon request.
  • Courtesy Call — an appointment is automatically approved, but a call is made to notify the owner/occupant.
  • Appointment Required — a confirmation must be obtained from the seller, tenant and/or listing agent before the showing may occur.

In each case, you may still elect to receive notifications. Tips For Showings Check your messages If you can’t take a call, be sure to continually check your voicemail, email and/or text messages and respond as soon as possible. Delayed responses or missed notifications could mean missed showings. Communicate the importance of showings with others in the household If everyone relays messages about showings, none will be missed. Have your home ready to show at any time It’s tough to keep your home in tip-top shape every moment, but the practice of preparing it for showings— always neat, always clean, limited clutter — will result in a higher likelihood of an offer. All of your aesthetic elements combine to create an impression which could lead to a contract. Be Prepared for “drive-up” showings Occasionally agents may drive past your home and have a buyer in the car. As in the case of the purchase of cialis. Your home may have terrific curb appeal and result in the buyer wanting to see your home that instant. Be prepared for those kinds of showings; it could be the one that results in a contract. Have one or two primary phone numbers where you can be reached If your cell phone is always by your side, make sure that number is the one you give your agent for confirming showings. You may also have a home and/or work number(s) to provide as a backup. Stay updated on your home You will have access to your own listing activity website which will tell you the date & time of future & past appointments as well as valuable feedback from agents who have recently shown your home. This website is easily accessible through any email notification you receive from ShowingTime. Ask your agent for more details.