A “first Impression” is a mental image that is formed when someone first encounters something. When your home is on the market, keep in mind…a great first impression is key! Following the tips below will ensure that your home makes a great first impression with prospective buyers! Take a look at my open house tips for sellers! WELL-MANICURED CURB APPEAL! The outside of the home should look as appealing as possible. With our water restrictions it is hard for your yard to look great, but, mowing and edging the lawn and cleaning out the flower beds will give your home a well-manicured appearance. If you don’t have flowerbeds, add interest and brighten your entry with a decorative pot filled with colorful flowers. “Home Wash” is a great product to wash away the West Texas dirt that dulls the appearance of any home (hose attachment available at home improvement stores). Cleaning windows and screens will make the exterior sparkle and allow more natural light in. MAKE THE FRONT DOOR INVITING! Many of us don’t use the front door and don’t realize how dirty it can get. Spider webs, dirt, bird droppings, etc. won’t make a good first impression. Sweeping and mopping the entryway to the door and adding a welcome mat is always inviting! The front door should be wiped clean. A fresh coat of paint gives a cared-for and inviting appearance. Give approaching buyers the impression that your home has been well maintained by replacing outdoor light fixtures and home numbers. INSIDE THE BUYER’S NEW HOME! Walk through your home and critique each room from a buyer’s perspective. Emotionally separate yourself from your home and get excited about your first offer! CLEAN, DECLUTTER AND DEPERSONALIZE AND SHINE! Once the exterior of your home has set the stage, the interior will need to shine. Thoroughly clean the entire home. Get rid of dust bunnies and spiders webs. Make sure every surface sparkles, from ceiling fans, light fixtures to baseboards. Don’t forget interior windows, mirrors and floors! Steam cleaning carpets will bring them back to life and refresh any room. Maximize space by rearranging the room and removing excess and oversized furniture. This allows the buyer to see him or herself in the shiny reflection of your home! LESS IS MORE WHEN ORGANIZING ALL CLOSETS! Especially in closets, “LESS is MORE.” You will be moving soon, so go ahead and pack away items you won’t need. By packing off-season clothes and shoes, the buyer will be able to see the available closet space and you will have a head start when you sell! KEEPING IT WARM IN THE KITCHEN! A clean and organized kitchen can warm the buyer’s heart. Clean and organize the pantry to show off the available space. Also, clean the inside of the oven (buyers tend to look inside) and remove all the kitchen appliances that are not used on a daily basis. This allows the buyer to see the counter space and imagine preparing family meals and holiday feasts. Set out a pretty centerpiece on the table/bar to keep the inviting impressions flowing. BATHROOMS – FRESH AND CLEAN! Make sure your bathrooms give the initial impression of “fresh and clean.” Remove all the “extras” (lotions, perfumes, toothbrush, etc.) that are on the counter. Place all of the items you use daily in a basket to be easily stored away. The basket allows you to access your things, then quickly tuck them away. Clean all mirrors and fixtures and keep all toilet seats closed. Cleaning bath mats and hanging fresh towels will complete your “fresh and clean” look! BACKYARD, PETS, AND PLAY! You want the buyer to stay focused on your home and not your pets, no matter how adorable they are! Relocate pets on the day of the open house if you can. If you have an indoor cat, place the litter box out in the garage during the open house. Keep children’s toys picked up and neatly kept together in an area in the backyard. Make sure the back patio looks as clean and cared for as the front entry. Don’t forget to manicure the backyard grass, trees and flowerbeds if needed! APPEAL TO THE SENSES! Just prior to your open house, bake cookies, apple pie or pumpkin bread to make your house smell wonderful and inviting. If you are in a rush, simply sprinkle cinnamon on apple slices and bake on low for about an hour before the open house. This will also produce the fresh baked yummy scent. If you are super short on time, light a few scented candles but make sure they are light scents, (cotton linen, etc.) as some people are sensitive to strong smells. PERSONAL ITEMS! We want buyers to relax and spend time considering your listing without us hovering over them. If you have anything that is personal and valuable, such as jewelry, money, keepsakes, etc., please put these items away while your house is listed. When your home is on the market, keep in mind…a great first impression is key!  MANICURE-CLEAN-SHINE-DECLUTTTER!!! THEN SELL!