How To Prioritize Home Projects In Your New Home

Did you just move into a new home that needs a little TLC? It’s normal to want to roll up your sleeves and get started on all of the projects and “wish list” looks you have in mind. But sometimes, well most times, your budget may not allow you to make all of the changes at once. Let’s discuss how to prioritize home projects!

What’s The End Game?

Before you prioritize home projects, nail down your reasons why this project is necessary. Will this project increase the value of the home for when you sell years down the road? Will the project be something you need now or can it wait a little longer? Is it purely cosmetic or is it something that will save you money if completed?

Assess Your Budget

Home projects are fun and the results are amazing. One thing they are not: is cheap. Before diving in to your home projects, make sure to take a look at your budget to have a clear vision of what is possible and affordable, then prioritize from there.


Some projects are a lot easier before all of your furniture gets in the house. Need to remove popcorn ceilings? You may want to consider doing this before moving if possible. Same goes for floor changes too, but this all depends on your budget as well.


Anything that is broken needs to be repaired before cosmetic projects take place. For example: a leaky faucet is costing you money until it’s fixed. Improperly caulked windows are letting too much outside air in. Repairs first, fun stuff later!


Before you decide what to tackle, you need to decide which projects you can do yourself, and which ones will require a professional. This will help determine what you can tackle now or wait on. For example, paint can be done DIY style which will save you some serious cash. So that may be something you can get done quicker than say floors, which usually require a professional.

Patience Is A virtue

It’s hard not to be anxious about getting projects completed as quickly as possible, but try and be patient. The fact is, most home projects can wait. You’ll want to take care of pressing projects and repairs, and take time planning for things you really want. I can help get you into your dream home today! All you have to do is call 432.288.3880!

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