Moving into a new home? Congrats! You may be wondering what technical tasks need to be done to turn the house into your home…let me help! Take a look at the new homeowner’s checklist below!

new homeowner's checklist


  • Research utility providers and organize the start date of your gas, water, and electric services. (Check out my blog on how to choose an electricity provider here.)
  • Find your instruction manuals for systems and appliances. (Typically these will be left in a drawer in the kitchen. If not, ask your real estate agent where they might be.)
  • Locate and label your main circuit breaker.
  • Learn how to work your thermostat and program accordingly.
  • Learn how to work your security system and program accordingly. (If you don’t already have one, research security systems and cameras for your new home.)
  • If you have small children, install outlet covers.
  • File a change of address with USPS and the IRS.
  • Change your billing address with your bank. (Be sure to also update any profiles with companies you have on automatic draft.)
  • Update your license, registration, and voter registration card.
  • Meet your neighbors!
  • If applicable, find out what day your garbage will be collected.
  • Find your gas and water meters.
  • Develop a family escape plan in case of fire.


Hopefully, this new homeowner’s checklist helps you get settled in your new home! For more help or information, feel free to contact me…I’m happy to help!