Moving Tips You’ll Actually Use

“Oh I can’t wait to spend hours and hours packing up my home,”

said no one ever.

Moving can be a pain. Let me rephrase that: moving is a pain. Thankfully, practice makes perfect. I’ve seen it all when it comes to moving, and can give you the inside scoop on moving tips you’ll actually use.


Pack up your décor first. This is something you don’t need on a daily basis and will knock out a large portion of moving early in the game. 


This one is a lifesaver. Instead of using long sheets of packing paper, use various sizes of brown lunch sacks. Two reasons this is great: they are extremely inexpensive and they are the perfect size for your dishes and glasses both large and small.


Pack your books into rolling suitcases! Nothing hurts like a lifting a box full of heavy books. Put your mind and back muscles at ease and roll those heavy things out the door!


For your hanging clothes, take a large trash bag and cover your garments from the bottom up, tying the tie near the top of the hangers. Place a rod in your car, making the transport completely seamless, and your clothes won’t ever have to come off the hanger!

Pack A First Night Bag

Be sure that on your first night in your new home that you aren’t searching through all of your boxes for what you need. You’ll be tired and will only want to have what you have packed in your first night ready-bag. Include only the essentials, get a good night’s sleep and unpack the next morning.

Move Into Your Dream Home

I want to make sure you’re moving into your dream home! How do you make that happen? Use me as your trusted agent! Your dream home could be one phone call away! (432) 288-3880

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