MIDLAND INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT Office of Student Services 615 West Missouri Street, Suite 403 Midland, Texas 79701 Telephone 432.240.1520 Fax 432.689.5033 Midland ISD spans 765 square miles of West Texas, including the boundaries of Midland County. Named among “The 150 Best U.S. Cities” for many years, Midland’s warm climate, friendly people, and healthy economy are primary reasons for the city’s popularity. Midland is located midway between Dallas/Fort Worth and El Paso on Interstate 20. Midland’s population is more than 100,000, with about a quarter of a million people residing in the Midland/Odessa metropolitan area. Midland serves as an administrative center for the petroleum-producing region known as the Permian Basin, where about 20 percent of America’s oil and gas reserves are located. From Early Childhood Education to Early College High School at Midland College, students in MISD are nurtured and challenged. The district combines time-tested methods of instruction with current technology to prepare students for academic, career, and personal success. Every student has an important place and is cherished in MISD. The elementary schools help students lay a foundation of understanding in a range of subjects. From learning the alphabet to learning algebra, elementary students gain skills to advance in secondary education. Students in secondary level schools further develop as scholars and citizens. Students not only learn important curricula, but are able to find their niche in numerous clubs, teams and sports. Coursework is designed to train students for both higher education and the workforce. Thank you for your participation in education, and for your support of Midland ISD! Students may register at their neighborhood campus or by visiting Student Services on the fourth floor of Central Offices. Registration Requirements: 1) Birth Certificate 2) Shot/lmmunization Record 3) Proof of Address 4) Social Security Card (if applicable) MISD Fast Facts Number of students: Approximately 24,000 Number of employees: About 3,000 Number of campuses: 36 • 2 High Schools • 1 Early College High School • 1 Alternative High School • 1 Advanced Technology Center • 2 Freshmen Campuses • 4 Junior High Schools • 27 Elementary Campuses • 1 Disciplinary School The Midland Independent School District also offers three magnet programs at Bowie (Fine Arts), Pease (Communication/Technology), and Washington (Math/Science) as well as Gifted and Talented services in grades 1 – 6 at Carver Center. For additional information about the MISD magnet programs or the Gifted and Talented services, please visit the MISD website or call 432-240-1010. Boundary “Need to Knows” Students in the Parker Rural area have a choice between: Parker or Travis Students in the Santa Rita district who live between Todd Rd. and Lamesa Rd. have a choice between: Milam or Santa Rita Students in the Fairmont Park District have a choice between: Parker or Long Please note that some schools close enrollment in certain grade levels throughout the year due to overcrowding.

MISD Specialized Schools

Advanced Technology Center provides career and technical training.  Please visit www.midlandisdcte.com to learn more. Coleman High School is an alternative High School. If you are interested in a unique, different, self-paced, environment where you are a name not a number, Coleman High School may be the place for you.  For more information please visit: www.midlandisd.net/Page/13751 Early College High School @ Midland College is a joint effort between the Midland Independent School District and Midland College to provide students with the opportunity and support necessary to achieve their goal of post-secondary education.  Visit www.midlandisd.net/domain/2486 to learn more.

2015 MISD Additional Information

THREE NEW SCHOOLS OPENED FALL 2015: BUNCH ELEMENTARY (no head start available in district) YARBROUGH ELEMENTARY FASKEN ELEMENTARY (NEW CAMPUSES WILL NOT REQUIRE UNIFORMS THE FIRST YEAR. STANDARD ATTIRE) MAGNET SCHOOLS: a public school offering special instruction unavailable elsewhere, designed to attract a diverse population. MISD MAGNETS: Bowie/Fine Arts Pease/Technology Washington/Math and Science (NO LONGER A THREE SCHOOL CHOICE SYSTEM) STUDENT TRANSFERS: Please visit www.midlandisd.net for requirements and information regarding student transfers. “GRANDFATHERED”- IF A STUDENTS COMPLETES THE 9TH GRADE IN  ONE DISTRICT AND THEN MOVES INTO ANOTHER SCHOOL DISTRICT, THE STUDENT MAY APPLY TO STAY AT THE ORIGINAL DISTRICT.  TRANSFERS WILL BECONSIDERED BUT STUDENT ATTENDENCE MUST AT THE PREVIOUS CAMPUS. (NOT A GUARANTEED TRANSFER). WHAT DISTRICT IS MY LISTING IN? Go to: Midlandisd.net (home) See:     Quick links (left hand side of page) 2015-2016 attendance zones Input address in the top left hand corner If the listing is in a new area not yet mapped, call student services @ 432-2401520 or email Teresa.moore@midlandisd.net. Maps are available on the MISD website under Bond Info. ADDITIONAL DISTRICT INFORMATION FOR 2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR: About 300 students expected to leave the district 40% of MISD students expected to be reassigned Petroleum academy to start this fall (contact counselor at prospective school.) S.T.A.A.R -State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (timed test)