While choosing an insurance company is ultimately the buyer’s decision, it is always nice to have some recommendations! Keep these tips in mind when choosing an insurance company:

  1. Look around when it comes to shopping for home insurance. Get multiple quotes!
  2. Research your options.
  3. Check for discounts offered by different companies.
  4. Take note of time limits associated with your policy, as you are only granted a certain amount of time to file a claim.
  5. Keep your insurer updated on home renovations or significant maintenance.
  6. Keep a record of how much different valuables are worth in your home.
  7. Don’t fall for the bundle. While it may save money, it is important to know that health and auto insurance is very different from home insurance and you may not want to keep it all with the same company.
  8. Don’t forget to insure additional items such as jewelry and electronics.
  9. It isn’t necessary to insure the land your structure sits on, just insure the structures you own ON the land. *Choosing an insurance company is solely the buyer’s choice. The information on insurance is provided here only as a reference.