The Perfect Home For The Organizer: What To Look For

If you are shopping around for a new home, odds are you have a wish list. A make or break list of items that your new home must have. Am I right? It’s okay! All of us do! When you buy a home you have in your mind a vision of what you want in your home. If you’re a big family your list may include 4 beds and 4 full baths. If you’re a born-to-be- hostess you may want an open floor plan for parties that will flow well. Today, we will talk about what to look for in the perfect home for the organizer. You know who you are.

Cabinet Space

For someone who loves organizing, the kitchen is your biggest space to tackle. The perfect home for the organizer will have a kitchen with plenty of cabinet and counter space. Typically, organizers do not like a lot of clutter on the counters. They prefer the cabinets and drawers be pristine. You’ve got to have a place for everything to go if you want to achieve this goal.

Spacious Closets

The closets, like the kitchen are a large project and something organizer look forward to mastering. Be sure when you are looking at homes that you pay attention to the closet size and the rack placements. Are there any drawers? How about cabinets to place folded clothes? What about space for your shoes?

Laundry Room

Just because you’re an organized person does not necessarily mean you enjoy laundry. You’ll want to keep your laundry all in one place, so a laundry room may be at the top of your list!


Garage storage is a high priority for those type A individuals who like things neat and tidy. The garage tends to be a place where “junk” piles up. Be sure your garage is a good enough size to organize in the way you see fit. The organizer will be a happy camper if he/she checks all of these boxes on their list. Finding a home is the easy part when you have an agent you can trust! Give me a call today and let me help you find your dream home today!


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