The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) requires that everything in the house financed with an FHA loan must work properly and there are no health or safety issues. The house must meet certain requirements and must be appraised by an FHA-approved appraiser who looks at all the factors a regular appraiser does but takes a more in depth look at safety, health and risks of the house. This guide will help you better understand what an FHA Appraiser looks for while performing an FHA Mortgage Inspection and Appraisal.


All appliances must function properly. The Heating unit must be in good working order. Air Conditioning is not required but, if a unit is present, the system should work as intended. Water Pressure must be adequate for the house. An appraiser will flush toilets and turn on all the faucets to ensure both hot and cold water are working.The water heater must be in working order and installed according to local code. Electrical outlets must work and should have a cover plate. Windows must open and close and be in good repair. Minor cracks are acceptable as long as there is not an issue with safety or security. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, if required by local code, must work. Evidence of structural damage or inadequate drainage around the perimeter of the house must be addressed. Any active termite infestation will be required to be cured. No dangling wires (from missing fixtures or anything else) are permitted. There must be no damaged, exposed or frayed wires in the attic and there must be adequate ventilation. No signs of standing water. any foundation support issues or excessive debris are permitted in the crawl space. No chipping, peeling or flaking paint is allowed on houses built before 1978 because of the danger of lead-based paint. Minor cosmetic issues like stained carpet or a need for new interior paint are acceptable but issues that impact the health, safety or the long-term economic viability of the house must be remedied. The roof should have no leaks and must have at least two years of economic life left.The firewall from the garage to the house must be intact. Missing sheetrock, a hollow door or a pet door could pose a safety issue. The house site must not be subject to hazards, environmental contaminants. noxious or excessive odors. Graffiti on a house must removed because it is a safety issue. The floors and walls must be visible to the appraiser. If the appraiser cannot seethe floor or walls due to too much debris. the owner will be required to clean the property and remove the debris. A maximum of three layers of roofing materials is acceptable. If more than two layers exist and repair is necessary. all the old roofing must be removed as part of the reroofing.