Selling Your Home Can Be Ruff: Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

When potential buyers come take a look at your home, you want them to easily envision themselves living there. We could go on and on listing ideas to make your house feel like a home to all buyers coming in and out. However, there is one topic in particular we need to discuss. Pets. If you have pets, it’s important to make sure your home is extra clean and free of the hair, toys and smell they can sometimes leave behind. Here, we’ll give you some cleaning tips and tricks for pet owners.


Okay, let’s get this one out of the way: the smell of urine is no way to make an impression on visitors. If your furry friend is prone to accidents, you need to make sure you stay on top of it, taking care of the smell immediately. Cleaning Tip: Use an enzyme-based cleaner to neutralize the odor. Not only will this eliminate the smell, it will also prevent your pets from thinking the carpet is the correct potty area.

Quick Cleanups

You get a call and buyers are on their way and will arrive in no time! Don’t panic! For quick cleanups, be sure you have a reliable cordless vacuum. These little machines are perfect for fast and easy hair cleanups! Cleaning Tip: To remove pet hair from furniture, make sure to use the brush attachment on your hand vac. Be sure to vacuum several times a week to make the job easier!

Litter Box

If you have cats, you don’t need to be told the importance of a well-kept litter box. If you know buyers will be in and out of your home, it may be a good idea to place the litter box in an area that will not be seen. Cleaning Tip: Clean your litter box out daily. It’s actually better for your cat, and will help with the smell!

Pet Beds

Your pet’s bed can quickly become less than fresh. Make your pets more comfortable and give the bed a fresh look by washing it more often. Cleaning Tip: Be sure to buy a bed that zips off of the cushion, making it easy to wash over and over! A fresh bed looks better and most definitely will help with any pet odor in your home. These cleaning tips will help buyers see themselves in your home, instead of feeling like they just walked into your pet’s paradise! Have any more questions about how to get your home ready to sell? I can help! Contact me today and I will help you sell your home in no time!

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